Atrellado provides you a lot of features to help you navigate the site.
  • Create a project - You will see a page to create a project, where you can assign other users to participate.
  • Create a task - You can also create tasks and organize them into groups (we suggest that the groups represent different criteria, such as priority, progress stage, etc.)
  • About the task - A task can be in one group at a time and you can change the group the task belongs to. Each task can have comments made by project members, tags to classify it and assigned team members.
  • Project Forum - Every project has a forum to allow project members to post messages and discuss many topics related to the project directly in the application.
  • Search - To help you find what you want, most of the content is searchable, such as projects, tasks or users.
  • Information - In the bottom of the page you can find the About us page, where you'll find some information about this app. Also, you can check some Frequently Asked Questions and see if any question you might have is already there and if not you can contact us in the Contacts page.